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Her beauty is divine, Her words as strong wine, and Her voice so fine, Her will so hard to decline, Things that were once mine, now hers to feast on and dine, Im glad i found her online, and made my choice to follow that sign.
I started buying some of Lana's mp3s and clips, i now have a longing and a need inside to buy some more.
Lady Lana is a submissive man's dream come true. She is devastatingly overpowering, intelligent, superior. I absolutely love her voice. And you know she has the charm and attitude to completely completely dominate you.
If you are looking for someone to take complete control and turn your life upside down, look no further!!!

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lsign (8 of 10)Here’s your chance to get a glimpse of my life,  my thoughts, my wicked ways. This is more than a regular femdom clip site. It’s my way of letting you in into the world of real time financial dominatrix, femdom mistress and humiliatrix.  Meanwhile, I do not think you deserve the access into my world, I let you in to see what you can’t get close to.

I don’t want you, I don’t want to know you even exist, but you’re  drawn to become a part of my life, to get a taste of femdom slavery, to become my puppet, my toy, my amusement, my money slave, pay pig, anything I want you to be. You may have been searching for your perfect fetish fantasy online, only to find stumble into hard reality.  I am both. I am the fantasy that you will never be able to achieve and I am 100% reality that you wish you had. Denied.

Slave for Me.


Know your place and work for Goddess.

I expect only the absolute best from my slaves. If you want to serve me you must work for me. That's the deal. Financial domination is My fetish and I like to indulge in it as much as possible. You are here to satisfy my needs and to serve yourself on a silver platter with your wallet in hand. Make sure to visit the wishlist regularly. I don't ask for a tribute, I expect it. If you are just passing by and not sure if you are into financial domination but like to admire me from afar, you may just be tempted to find out what it's like to be one of the boys... amazon

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